(Nobody knows what goes on “behind the scenes”… ) Elsie B Photography – Umhlanga Beach, Durban

So I’m waiting, about 3 meters behind Rayelle for the perfect wave to break, when the next thing one mother of a wave klaps that poor girl from behind – engulfing her very being and sends me rolling on the sand like a beached whale!!  (I’m sure you can see the humour in this scenario). So you ask… and your camera!!??  The “love of my life” was about a meter behind me and anticipated disaster approaching as men have a gift of “foresight”. He ran, grabbed the camera out of my hand like it was the last item on a black Friday deal  – and leaves me (his wife) fending for my life as drowning was a very good option!!!  On reflection, I realized, once again, “he” truly is a man after my own heart!!!  He indeed could foretell the future… as he knew, if he grabbed me instead of my camera… he surely would be dead!!  (Always, always! Grab the camera)

If anyone had to video this session, the heading would have read… “HUSBAND GRABS CAMERA AND LEAVES WIFE TO DROWN”!!!  Oh! I love my job!!

“We can’t direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails”!

Sea you on the next wave!