Behind The Lens

Hi!   I`m Elsie

I’m a Durban based photographer that loves creating unique and interesting images.  A photo should be created that will give enough information to understand what you see but a lot to wonder about as well.
Since the moment I held a camera in my hand, my world changed, colours, angles even peoples expressions… I started searching for connections or moment instead of a perfect photo.
Photography is more than a picture… it’s creating art!


I don`t just take photographs, I capture moments.

I don`t just shoot what it looks like, I shoot what it feels like.

A photograph keeps a moment from running away.

Every picture has a story to tell.


  • Justine Mc Donald

    Elsie is such an amazing photographer.Our couple shoot and wedding photos are absolutely stunning and what an awesome experience to have such an inspired and passionate photographer like Elsie to shoot us

  • Maxine Lindeque

    Elsie and her team were absolutely amazing. She really felt part of the family. Her work is amazing and she was so spontaneous with her pictures and we loved the fact that she told us how to stand because wow our photos came out beautiful. Love them !!! Very very happy bride.100/100

  • Rayne Holing

    Takes the most amazing photos and makes you feel so comfortable

About Me

Since the moment I held a camera in my hand, my world changed. Colours, angles even peoples emotions

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